Looking to play roleplay with anyone, male, female and couple. – 25

Expired ad. Please do not contact! Hey, 25 years old guy here, I'm looking for roleplay with a female and a couple or any interesting person, in chat and also, if possible, in real life too. Below is the possible scenario we can do. ;) What will you do if some Roadside Romeo will tease you, follow you and molest you? How will you seduce and control a Sanskari Uncle who has implemented a strict rule against bachelors in the building? How will you get out of a situation after breaking a rule and caught by Police (or any authoritative figure)? What will you do when someone blackmail you with your nudes? What if you bump into a guy while doing Garba this Navratri, How would you play with his other dandiya? How will you flirt with your co-passenger sitting beside on the lower side-berth? to escalate it from touching each-others feet to ending up with him in the toilet. What if you are in a cabin of 1st Class with a co-passenger who's a perv, how you gonna deal with this? In arranged marriage meeting when they will left you and the guy alone in a room, will you just ask or test by yourself if he's worth of you or not? How will your boyfriend gonna take the risk against your conservative but powerful family to give you one last fuck just before your wedding? Want to be in a relationship, where they never had sex with each other coz they think their partner is a virgin and sanskari but they actually fucking each other's friends/family/relatives. What you gonna do when you'll realize that the guy you're having roleplay with so long is actually your neighbour? :P If you're an older couple then would you like to adopt me? ;)