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For Advanced technology, energy+ efficiency visit Sparesshack online store We offer only the finest in Fit&Forget CREE Sparesshack Led lighting Systems A Niche Ecom Portal Marketing hard to get off the shelf products ... We are a niche online store.. We offer the finest in LED Lighting, Systems (not generally available off the shelf) Sparesshack Automotive Led Lighting -In an over crowded Lighting of me too products we are offering a well built explosion proof,weather proof Power saving,FIT&FORGET Built to last and last .ip67++ rated Aluminium alloy Moulded Lighting system.This isnt just an assembly factory but here every single component is painstakingly designed and built from a scratch.. Enhance the look of your favorite machine with our Hi Performance products by Sparesshack .. LED lighting systems Are a smart inno and durability put us light years ahead, giving it a clear edge in today’s competitive realistic market. For example we focus on the lens parabolic or 4 D lens where ever( design dimensions permit ) possible we are a step ahead .. SPECIALTY OF LEDS -Why doesn't the current drawn reflect in the wattage?.!! Each light bar has it's own thermal management system so that the LED's are not over-driven and burn out. A low voltage technician can calculate the wattage from the amperage by using this example equation; "Wattage/Voltage", to get the Amperage or Current draw. Because good management systems do not over-drive their LED's to their maximum theoretical wattage output, amperage will be lower, in some cases up to 25%. There is also much lesser heating, :::There is also lower battery drain due to better power management due to inbuilt chip inside the LED Sparesshack Lightning PROFESSIONAL SERIES light Pods bar. Not too flashy, not too expensive, but gets the job done and gets it done WELL. Using the latest in 4D lens technology to increase bulb efficiency, the best possible materials to improve longevity, to prevent condensation while maintaining the best in waterproof seals, this light bar brings the best of all worlds to an affordable package. There are a lot of factors to look at in light bars. Type of led chip, PCB board layout and electronics, amount of aluminum and type in extrusion, powder coating, optics, lens, hardware, gaskets, vents, environmental testing. We have carefully studied every part on the LED light bars to the highest level of quality to provide a robust light with awesome output and reliability. You will see most of the inexpensive LED light bars are just touting lumens. But lumens are only one part of the equation. Without the right electronics controlling the led and the right optics with the right amount of aluminum for heat https://www.facebook.com/Spareshack/videos/394471780929933/ youtube.com/c/sparesshack google.com/+sparesshack Website http://sparesshack.com