Software Developed By: Mr. Sri Kumar Raja Mobile: +91-9533599282 Mobile: +91-8465083040 Email: srikumar.online@gmail.com Website: www.crystal-icr.com/products.html FEATURES OF CRYSTAL PROOF READ: Displays alike lines of image and text files, one below the another SPELL CHECK option is attached regarding to U.S. English dictionary, to identify errors easy Space adjustability between image and text lines available Supports all photo formats like Tiff, Gif, Png, Jpg, Bmp and etc Inbuilt special character keyboard is used to add or remove desired character with one click Modifying the Font name and Font size of the displayed text is allowed Sustains images of any amount Data quality checking is provided with easy interface for your comfort Supports Multilanguage images such as English, Dutch, French, German and etc It can go through quality checking on unlimited files Handle very little sized fonts of the image Errors in data entry work can be kept at bay by adding our Quality correction software to your working method. As a matter of fact QC is very tedious work which we want to quite as soon as possible. But, it is important to realize that QC is compulsory along with text conversions. For the above reasons we Crystal Logics developed the ultra modern software for data entry accuracy checking coupled with all the necessary facilities like Spell check option ( according to U.S. dictionary) and Font (name and size) modifying ability. QC software supports all the image formats like Tiff, Gif, Png, Bmp, Jpg and etc ., though the images are in different languages like English, French, German and so on. This Data accuracy checking software displays the same lines of image and text documents, one below the other that too with adjustable space between them. This easy interface quality checker is attached with special characters keyboard for easy adding and removing the special characters. QC tool of comparison of image files can handle very little sized text of unlimited images of any volume. Therefore, say bye to eye straining QC work by buying and utilizing our 100% accurate Crystal PROOF READ products and services YOU TUBE LINK: https://www.youtube.com/user/srikumarraja/videos WEB POST LINK: http://crystallogics.com/blog/pdf-notepad-conversion-software-crystal-icr/ KEYWORDS: Data quality checker, software for data entry accuracy checking, QC software, QC, quality correction software, Data accuracy checking software, quality checker, QC tool of comparison of image file. Website http://www.crystal-icr.com