Software Developed By: Mr. Sri Kumar Raja Mobile: +91-9533599282 Mobile: +91-8465083040 Email: Website: Features of Crystal ICR: Highly accurate text identification including Latin alphabets. Rapid document conversion rate, about 6 files/minute. Support low quality images. Unmanned image quality correction Supports small sized text pulling Cursive and Italic text automatic recognizing Encourages conversion of multi language images like English, French, Dutch and etc Converts all image formats like Tiff, Gif, Jpg, Bmp, Png etc to Text and Doc Supports series execution of any sized images Recognize double column layout documents Plan to extract even small sized text from imperfect images by our picture to text converter Crystal ICR software.”How to convert image to text effortlessly”? Is a most common question rise in a bpo, this question enlarges when images are in different fonts and different languages. Crystal ICR image to text converting tool is multidialectal software is a solution for all your questions, this even works with cursive and italic fonts in all notable languages like English, Dutch, French and etc, at a conversion rate of 6 files/minute. ICR (Intelligent character recognizer) is a double column layout recognizer can convert image to text to your desired TEXT or DOC formats from all image formats like Tiff, Jpg, Bmp, Png, Gif etc, with automatic image quality correction. We comfort this image to text converting software users with high accuracy even at batch processing of numerous sized files. Hence assure your work effectively by using our quality and capability expanding image to text converter software –Crystal ICR software. You Tube link: Web Post link: Keywords: image to text converter software, picture to text converter, image to text converting tool, convert image to text, image to text converting software Website http://: